Packing My Purse With a Promise

Our bags can easily become far too heavy to carry around, can’t they?

Just when I think I’ve got everything I could possibly need in there, wallet and keys and tissues and chap-stick and lipstick and band-aides and hand sanitizer, I realize that I forgot to pack a book in case I have a few spare minutes at the doctor’s office.   And, oh, how those purse contents change life stage by life stage!  A burp cloth replaces the oil blotting sheets and then a change of clean 2T underoos replaces the book I carry around “just in case”. Before I know it, I’m packing crayons and stickers, and then Sudoku puzzles and Depends,  and then…

But nothing – and I mean nothing ever replaces the hand sanitizer.


And why do I pack my purse so full of all of this stuff? Why do we all do this? I think, for me, it’s because I crave security. Each of these things seems to be able to shield me from the shame or disappointment of a worst case scenario.

And we’ll just carry that stuff around for a sweet forever, won’t we? I know I do!

The things in that purse – they will not provide the security that I’m really looking for. Oh, they may clean up the mess, blot away the shine, or moisturize me in the moment.  Eventually, though, I’ll be disappointed as I come to realize how weighted down I’ve become. I will finally notice that I’m putting my trust in a bag full of lipsticks I don’t really like the shade of, half-packs of gum in flavors I had no business trying, or tissue packets with only one already-very-used tissue left.

There is One, though, Who Will Never Disappoint.

And, we can trust in Him. 

He promises.


I’m going to be carrying that promise around with me.  That’s exactly the kind of security that this heart of mine needs.

And carrying it in my heart means one less thing in my purse.

Yes indeedy!

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