Not Seven, But Seventy-Seven


That many times.

That’s a lot of times.

When patience is thin and esteem is low and culture is riding, seventy-seven is an awful lot of times to forgive.

Maybe it’s just me that finds that such a hard concept to wrap my heart around.

But, here’s where I get the clue that my humanity is a detriment to my thinking – I want to make it all about a number.

“Seventy-seven? Really? C’mon!”

It’s not about a number.  It’s about a heart posture.

Humility, another traveling companion of Grace, says that even though I could stand here and lord it over you, I won’t.

I can’t.

Because, He doesn’t do it to me.

And He has mighty good reason to do just that to me.

Humility and Grace stand shoulder to shoulder and present a united front. They look at you and say, “It’s okay that you screwed up. Hang around a minute, it’ll be my turn next.”

Today, I’m extending forgiveness even as it’s being extended to me. And I’m thankful for the grace that travels heart to heart, as it happens.

I’m hoping that I won’t hit anywhere close to that seventy-seven times today; but, if I do, Grace will surely be right there.


This post is day 7 in the Write 31 Days challenge.