What Do You Crave? An Invitation

Do not say chocolate. For The Love, please do not say chocolate!

“Life is not made better because we overindulge in an unhealthy choice.” -Made To Crave Devotional by Lysa TerKeurst.

Well, isn’t that the truth?

Maybe food isn’t the craving you need to overcome.  Maybe it’s that desire to spend even when there is no money to spend with.  Or you long to win at a game you have no business playing.  Perhaps you crave a drink to soothe, or a touch to heal broken places, or a feeling of excitement that’s long since gone.  I get it.  I do.  My own path to greater dependence on God is littered not only with devil dog wrappers, but also with the remnants of desires fulfilled in altogether unholy ways.

And I am aware that the people God has placed in my life, whether lovers of Him or not, are watching me.  They are watching to see what this faith in Him provides that will be of some comfort to them.  Or if My God will bring them some measure of contentment that they do not yet have.

Am I living a life that exudes a dependence on and fulfillment by this God I claim to fiercely love? Does my satisfaction of those cravings demonstrate a dependence on Him at all?

This is not a journey with a definite ending of “Now, I’m finally walking in truth and light and will never need another lesson again.”. It is, however,  one that will need constant reevaluating and course-correcting. I recognize that I’m going to need others with me as I go about attempting to do just that. Deeper dependence on God and less dependence on Other Things will require a strength I know I don’t often possess. It will ask me to mine places I don’t often want to go.

So, consider this an invitation.  I’m inviting you into this place of need.  This place where our need meets His desire to fill it. I need friends to hold me accountable, during. I need encouragement, throughout. I need to know I’m not alone on this journey.

So… what do you crave?

Would you join me? For the next six weeks, you’ll find me over here at Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Online Bible Study as we work through “Made To Crave” by Lysa TerKeurst.  I’ll be joining approximately 34,000 others determined to understand that life is only made better when we see the bounty that already exists in our daily lives.  I’ll be tracking my progress by writing about it, here, each Thursday.

There is safety in numbers.

We are better together.

I need lots of wise counsel.  God said so.


If this post spoke to your heart about cravings you long to wage war against, or even if you’re just curious what online Bible study is all about, click the button below.  You’ll find encouragement and lots of other invitations there.


Do NOT Go In There

You know how they tell you that you should never go to the grocery store hungry?  Well, you should also never go to Target with your wallet.

True story.

I walked in intending to pick up three things.  Soap (a noble endeavor, as everyone likes it when I shower), a gift card for my nephew (I started wrapping all of those presents I was talking about the other day and apparently, I forgot his!), and a new cereal that Sweetboy is fixated on (and, as luck would have it, only seems to be at Target right now).  Three things, people.

It did not go well.


And this is only the top part of the cart.  You know… that little part where your baby/toddler’s sweet cheeks used to rest, but is now occupied by your purse?  Or, it was. Now, there’ no room at the Inn De La Tarjay Cart.

And, if you are an astute observer (as I’m sure all of you are), you’ll notice that I did indeed score the gift card.  And, buried in that pile in the actual cart is the cereal.  (We do not even want to consider what fresh hell awaits if I return without The Cereal.)

What I did forget, though?

The soap.


Today, I’m so going to smell Peachy Keen.  Yes indeedy.  I’ll be using Sweetgirl’s 2-in-1 shampoo/body wash.  Because that’s what we’ve got on tap.

Sweetman’s just gonna have to fend for himself.

Beside, I can just run to Target to get some soap.

Tonka Town Girl

Used With Permission


My Sweetgirl is so… me. She’s one of those play-rough-but-pretty-it-up kinda girls. She’ll gladly pull out the cars to “VROOM!” with the boys.  And Holy Moses, does she know how to wield a Pirate’s sword!  But, if left to her own devices for too long, she’ll have each and every dress-up dress pulled out and tried on, with different shoes for each. Mention that you’re going to paint your toes and she’s at the ready with the most sparkly pink polish she can find for her own piggies.  Jewelry?  Yes please!


Apprehension doesn’t quite capture my feeling for that moment when we found out we were having a girl.  “A girl!?  What in the world will I do with a girl?”, I said aloud. You see, I grew up hunting and fishing with Captain Ahab. It took me a good long while to start to appreciate my femininity.


Meanwhile,  The Nana swooned with relief. The grandchild count, so far, included only boys.  “No sweet little girls to dress up!”, she lamented on more than eleventy occasions.  “Who will I go shopping with?”, she was often caught whining asking. We all knew it wasn’t going to be me!


At the time, I had to set about rehashing all of the reasons why I was glad that God knit me together as a girl.  There were plenty, yes. But, I’ve had to learn a few of them along the way.  Haven’t we all?


So many prayers for this Sweet girl-child of mine… Not the least of which is that she’ll retain her sense of adventure while displaying her femininity proudly. Some of the things that I pray Sweetgirl will learn to appreciate, about being a girl, are things that I still pray for, for myself.


It should come as no surprise, then, that I found great joy when I found her playing with this:


Thank you, Grampy, for the nostalgia-inducing Tonka Tin!


I picked it up to put it away and heard a rattle inside.  I was curious.  Wouldn’t you be?  It’s always interesting to me to see what kind of “treasures” my kidlets like to stow away inside of things.  I opened it up and found this:



I couldn’t have planned that photo op better myself!


I do believe she’s going to turn out just fine and dandy.  Yes indeedy.


Let’s Talk Shop

I’ve never liked shopping.  There, I said it.  It’s one of those dirty little secrets that I keep under wraps whenever other women start talking “shop”.  The Nana will have you know that I most certainly can NOT be her daughter based on that fact alone. That sweet woman could out-shop Rachel Zoe any day of the week.  Now, give me a couple of days hours to surf the internet, and all of a sudden, I am a shopper-extraordinaire!  But, the malls?  No way, no how.   The mere thought of a trip to the mall used to make me break out in hives.  Upon arrival, I required an immediate stop at the hot pretzel place for sustenance throughout the ordeal and the reward of a cookie the size of my head for surviving it all, on the way out.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I realized something on a necessary pit stop to the mall today.  I had one item on my agenda.  However, I found myself looking at All The Pretty Things on my way to the one particular store and enjoying the looking.  Enjoying. The. Looking!  Why, I even think I had a fleeting thought along the lines of,  “I wonder when I could come back and do this again?”!  I’d like to be all noble and say that I had far better things to do than be attracted by All The Pretty Things surrounding me.  I’d like to say that I felt slightly ashamed to be frittering away a few hours looking All The Pretty Things.  But I can’t. And, I’m not. And Heaven help me, I want to do it again! And soon.

Please, for the love of all that’s good and right with my world, don’t tell The Nana!  We’re headed down there in a few weeks and, Sweet Moses, if she gets a hold of this information, she will drag my newly minted shop-loving self to every shopping establishment in the greater South Florida area.  Have you seen the size of some of those things?  Oh. My. Word.  I think hives are coming back.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps. Oh, yes indeed.