He Looks Like This

I could stay in my pajamas all The Live Long Day.  True story.  Ask Sweetman.  He will sigh and say, “Alas, it is true.”

He may also tell you that he will oh-so-delicately off up suggestions throughout the weekend mornings of good times to shower and get dressed.  “I’d like to offer to take the kids down into the basement so you can have a nice long shower. Now.”, and other such statements are known to be thrown about at 11:30 or 12:30 or 1:30 on a lazy Saturday.  And by now, many of you know that I’ve run into some trouble with not showering in the past. Right?

My Sweetgirl?  She is just like her daddy, apparently.

“What color are your eyes, Daddy?”, she innocently asked him yesterday.

“Blue-ish and green-ish.”, he told her.

Off she went.

When she came back an hour later, she had painstakingly drawn a family portrait.

Only, it was a family portrait that was missing a family member.


First, though, please see if you can figure out which one is Sweetman:


Do you see him?  If not, he has some extra-large glasses you might should borrow.

Now, may I clarify a few things?

Sweetman does not, in fact, wear a pink feather boa; although, it would seem from this portrait that he does.  Also, while Sweetgirl actually got the, um… dimensions of his hair perfectly, the color is quite different.

I would next like to point out that Sweetboy does, indeed, have eyes, a nose, and a mouth.  Just not, apparently, in this family picture. Also, brother is almost 5 years older than sister and is therefore SO not smaller than her.  (She only wishes.)

Lastly, let’s discuss the missing member, shall we? I was not, as it turns out, fit to be drawn.  Why?

“You haven’t gotten dressed for the day yet, Mama!  I don’t know what clothes to draw on you.”

And that, perhaps, is the best reason to get showered and dressed before 2:00 p.m. that I’ve ever heard.

Oh, yes indeedy!

Children draw THE best family portraits!  Do you have one that sticks out in your mind?