She Made Turning 6 Look Easy

Dear Sweetgirl,

You may have made turning six look easy, this weekend, but it wasn’t.

Not for mama.

Weren’t you just teething yesterday?

Now, you’re losing those baby teeth.

And, I’m pretty sure you were uttering “Bruh-duh” just last week. But now? Now, you’re hollering for him by name.  He hears you.  We all hear you.

When you rocketed out into this world, all four pounds and ten ounces of you that we took home with us, we knew you would be a Sparkler in our lives.

And you have lived up to that expectation.

You sparkle in our family, Sweetgirl! Oh, yes you do!

You are funny and adventurous and sometimes far too talented in the smiling-to-get-your-way department.  You charm and delight and make life a constant roller coaster ride.

Have I ever told you how much I love roller coasters?

I love that chapter books are starting to replace Llama, Llama books.  I love that you are able to pick out your own clothes and that you love to point out how “it matches, mama! LOOK!”

I love that even your ice cream has to sparkle, as you insist on sprinkles smooshed down into the top of your hoodsie cups. And, MY, how brave you have become! You tried Dino chicken nuggets with brother – and liked them!  And hot dogs – but didn’t.

Princesses still reign supreme; and I’m okay with that.

Because, on the flip side, you love your pink soccer ball and jumping bravely into the ocean with no fear. As long as your bathing suit and soccer cleats are pink.

If you would just do me one teensy favor, Sweetgirl?  Just take it all slow.  Six is big!  And first grade is zooming up on our heels.  I just want you to enjoy being little for a bit longer.

God, this is where I ask you to make time turtle-crawl instead of march on.

I love you Sweetgirl.