How to Know When Your Children Are Growing Up

You do know, don’t you, that this is going to be  a bit tongue-in-cheek?

Just checking.

Watching your almost-ten year old boy with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, who will tell you at every possible turn that he  “just isn’t a sports-type kid” try snow skiing for the first time, every day, for One! Whole! Week! during school vacation?  And watching him love it and nail it?  Oh yes he did!  And how proud am I?  So stinkin’ proud.  I’m proud of him for trying.  I’m proud of him for keeping at it.  I’m proud of him for sticking it out even on the sopping wet, drizzly, sleet-y, and rainy day, midweek. The sense of accomplishment that he felt at the end – being handed his certificate confirming that he completed the week?  You could see it All Over His Face.  Oh, Lord, thank You! He’s moving into a new stage, people.  And it’s a Very Good Thing.



Sending your youngest, at almost-five, on her first sleepover to her grandparents house, an hour and a half away, and realizing when you go to pick her up the following day that you had forgotten to pack the night-time pull-up? And you arrive and The Gammy tells you that she just put her in her underwear, and she did just-fine-I-tell-you? She just officially became a “big girl” and I only turned my head for One! Day! (The forgetting of the Pull-up? It was unintentional, I promise.  And, those are rather bitter words to write, as my “word” for 2013 is , um… intentional. Yup, I’m a Work In Progress, people.  Work. In. Progress.)

Just for clarification, I did inform them both that I’d be perfectly happy for them to cease and desist all future growing.

They laughed.

I cried.

Oh, yes indeedy – I sobbed like a Soap Opera starlet.

And then went and ate this:


In celebration of their growth, of course.

Have your urchins had any growth spurts lately?  Tell me!  Tell me I’m not eating the gelato alone!?!