Sunshine State of Mind

Family is pretty stinkin’ precious. We feel that in full measure tonight. We spent a blessed 2 weeks with The Nana and Captain Ahab and oodles of time with the cousin, too.  Our fourth of July celebration was subdued, but with family and close friends, so altogether lovely.  As we closed our vacation time out in  sunny Florida with the grandparentals, we started realizing that there would be a few things that we would be missing somethin’ fierce. These things put us all into a sunshine state of mind, and here they are, in no particular order:

1)  I’ll miss being able to go out into the yard and just grab a mango off of a tree.  Back to grocery store mangoes for me…

We had delicious mangoes almost every single morning or afternoon.

2) That Sweetgirl – she does NOT nap.  I mean… ever!  The motion of the ocean finally got to her, though.  Praise The Lord! And Amen.

Naps don’t get better than this. Right?

3) I get great pleasure out of seeing my Sweetboy do this; and he did a boatload of it:

The child – he surely does love his snorkel and mask.

And lastly,

4)  I realized two things after I planned and executed the following picture.

It’s been a great vacation when you’ve got a ring tan!

The first is that it makes me all kinds of happy to see a ring tan on my finger there.  (Hopefully, that’s obvious by my… you know, ‘planning and executing’ a picture of my tan-lined ring finger. And now that I’ve written that down, I do believe I might just need an intervention.)  And the second thing is that Sweet Moses! I have some unsightly man-looking hands.

I can’t win em’ all.  Indeed.

I sure hope y’all are  enjoying your summer so far!  Whatcha doin’?

Captain Ahab’s Daughter – Part One

A handful of friends and family are going to get the reference above.  But boy, oh boy, am I ever.  When I was a wee little lassie, girl, my family would take a couple of weeks every summer and jet off to an island in the Bahamas.  Now, before you shut down this blog as the ramblings of some privileged snoot, hang in there for a moment.  Let me share with you a few key details about our yearly summer escapade.

1) We needed to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get loaded up on the boats and caravan over to this island that was 3 hours away from our home in South Florida.  And if you didn’t get up and get cruisin’ (literally!) by 5:30, that water was going to be r.u.f.f.  Think, a 25 foot boot on 6-8 foot waves for 3 hours.  Yup, a TON of fun.  And vomit.

2) Upon arrival at said island, we spent the first 3 hours unloading 3 weeks worth of food and beverages contained in about 6 coolers, two of which were sized large enough to carry a big and tall MAN inside.  (Thinking back on it now, as an adult, I think I understand why one of those Big Coolers were almost entirely filled with beverages…).

3) Those of us who were too short to qualify for carrying one of said Big Coolers were given the task of helping the moms either: apply tin foil and saran wrap to the windows that were missing pieces of glass or were cracked or were just simply missing; unload an endless supply of the makings of tuna noodle casserole (it was good hot or cold, right?); or make the beds with our own linens.

The rest of the kids immediately started rounding up the stray dogs and puppies on the island to play with.  There were lots.  It took a while.

Does it sound luxurious yet?

Rest assured, we were blessed to be able to hang out for 2 or 3 weeks at a stretch on this not-yet-popular island.  Oh, indeed!  But, I should also mention the daily routine.

5:30 a.m. Captain Ahab starts making all manner of noise in the hopes of waking up his own and the other 3 families to get going for the day.

6:00 a.m. One or another of the other families’ adults threatens Captain Ahab with bodily harm if he doesn’t pipe down.

6:30 a.m. Captain Ahab begins loading the boats with gear for snorkeling, fishing, and diving.  In the hopes that by the time he’s done everyone will miraculously be ready to rumble.

7:00 a.m. Captain Ahab’s wife tells him that if he doesn’t stop hounding people to get rollin’, she’s gonna roll him right into one of those cavernous Big Coolers.  He’d fit, you know…

7:30 a.m. Captain Ahab heads down to the docks to get the boats fired up.  You never know… we could be on our way down.

8:00 a.m. Captain Ahab goes back up to provide the lunch-makers with his sandwich order.  He’s starting to get hungry for lunch.  At this point, the lunch-makers begin checking the Big Cooler with the “beverages” to take stock of what’s left.

8:30 a.m. We finally get a move on.  And Captain Ahab announces he’s ready for a nap.

I find myself understanding the thinking behind his desire to get up and get movin’ more and more, the older I get.  Maybe it’s because I turned 30 40 this year.  Maybe it’s because I’m married to Sweetman who truly doesn’t understand why anything before 9:00 a.m. ever made it onto the official clock.  But, I do know this.  When I get up and get to see that beautiful sunrise; or get the first snuggle of the day with Sweetgirl or Sweetboy before they’re fully awake yet; or enjoy that 30 minutes of quiet time before the world comes crashing in?  It’s then that I understand what a gift it is to be Captain Ahab’s daughter. Yes indeedy!