I Also Took Some Pictures

So, at BlogHer12, I did take some digital evidence of my involvement.  I shall commence with a little treatise on each picture’s necessity. And, please, stand in awe of my spectacular photog skillz.  No, really.  Some of you could take a page or two out of my picture-taking book.  Let me present you with Exhibit A, or, The Highpoint:

Whereby… I was able to meet a woman whose work I have been reading and following since it began in the P31 Woman magazine more than a decade ago!  Lysa Terkeurst has been writing about being a woman of faith for-evah.  And her insights into our days and issues is as engaging now as it was when I started reading her writing.  She has a new book out called “Unglued”.  Check it out here!

My Eyes! They are crying! See? See? No? Look deep into the glasses.


Exhibit B was the low point.  I don’t believe you need any further explanation.  And if you do, please go back to this post for an in-depth analysis of why horses and I?  We don’t mix.

Horror in the streets of NYC!


Remember when I told you in the previous post that bowling in a dress, late at night, after a wee glass of wine or three was tricky? I present the evidence:

And the “lesson” from the “Expert” on hand? Epic fail…

I would also kindly ask you to avert your eyes from my epic rear-endicus-maximus.  It’s a work in progress. Oh yes indeedy!


There was a keynote by none other than The Katie Couric.  She has a new afternoon show coming out called… “Katie”.  Brilliant title, no? She also affirmed that a lot of us are Lazy Bloggers.  We certainly are a talented group whose reputations have apparently preceded us.  Here she is. Just in case you think I jest. (And I do believe that she is wearing the very same dress that I was wearing while bowling, above.  However, I also believe I may look slightly better in it.  Yes?)

Katie, being mobbed by some not-so-lazy Bloggers, after all!


Remember when Sweetboy asked me to snap a pic of the Statue of Liberty for him?  Well, I think we can all agree that I nailed it.

Try not to envy my physique. It will be hard.


And, lastly, because I know you’re just bolted to your seats in awe of the beautiful and not-at-all-blurry-in-any-way photos I have presented thus far, let me present Exhibit Something-Or-Other.

Friendships were formed. Some might even survive despite the desire to wear a bag on one’s head.  Maybe.

Bags on heads and Funny Face Paraphernalia. The stuff that friendships are made of. Can I get an Amen?

Yes, friends, let’s just say that fun was had by all. Mostly.  Mainly.

Role Reversal of Sorts

So, Sweetboy just asked:  “Mama, are you going to be in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens while you’re gone?”

And I replied:  “What?!?  How do you know the difference?”

Sweetboy: “Well, I forget how I know, but Manhattan is the biggest.  And could you take a picture of the Statue of Liberty for me? And don’t forget you have to take a ferry boat to the Statue of Liberty.”

Me:  “Uh, okay.

Sweetboy: “So, which one will you be in?”

Me: (Completely razzled now) “I have no idea! Can I get back to you on that one?”

Sweetboy: “Sure, but there are cool little markets in New York Harbor.  And there’s a little open green space where the Statue of Liberty is.”

Me: “Um… well, I don’t think I’ll have the extra time to make the ferry boat ride out to the Statue of Liberty, but if I get anywhere close to it, I’ll snap a picture for you.” (Hoping to High Heaven that will pacify him…)

Sweetboy:  “Okay… But, Mama?  Don’t go into any alleys between any condos or apartments to go anywhere, okay?”

Me: (My head is starting to hurt) “Okay, honey.  I won’t.”

Sweetboy:  “There could be stray cats in there. And all that jazz.”

Me: “You bet.  I wouldn’t want to meet any stray cats in any alleys in New York City!”

Sweetboy: “Which part of New York City will you be in again, Mama?”

At this point in the conversation, I politely excused myself to retrieve Mommy’s Sippy Cup and fill it with Fermented Apple Juice.

Me: “I’ll let you know when I’m done drinking my juice.”

Sweetboy: “That’s wine, silly Mama!”

Yes. Oh, yes indeedy, it sure is.  And thankfully, there’s more where that came from…