I went online to ask The Google if I could send a gift anonymously from Amazon.  Just prior to that, I had been searching around on the Amazon website for a particular gift for a very specific person.

Lo and behold, when I started typing in “can I send a gift anonymously”, that smart Google knew I wanted to type in “from amazon” before I even typed it!

I’m not gonna lie.  It’s disturbing to think that the varied and creative ways that human beings could compose a question or a thought could be accounted for.  All of them! And, my next thought was “Are we humans that predictable?”.

Before I go all George Orwell on you, let me say that I know that there are humans behind all of the algorithm writing and computer coding going on behind a search engine’s ability to “read our minds”.  And, I happen to be madly in love with one of those kinds of humans.

But still.

I could have worked myself into a lather about this idea, except I remembered that there is still plenty in life that is oh-so-unpredictable.

Take, for instance, the ending to a pivotal college football game this past Saturday.  My beloved Alma Mater, The University of Alabama, lost to Aubu_ _ (we don’t complete that word around these parts) in the final minute – MINUTE – of the game. Heartbreaking.

And…  totally unpredictable.

But, like all things that are unpredictable, you can ROLL with it or you can buck against it.  I choose to ROLL with it.

And pray that at this time next year, if I were to type in say “alabama vs auburn game”, I’d only see this: WIN.

Maybe Sweetman somebody can go ahead and write the computer code for that right now?