Who Will Prevail (I Predict Not Me)

Today is Thursday.  Surprise!  It comes every week, yes.  But this Thursday is Valentine’s Day Thursday.  And I had intended to be at Bible Study this morning with My Sweet Bible Study girls.  The ones who get me and know my heart.  They encourage me to hang in there when things are tough and praise the tar out of the Almighty God when things are grand.  I had Valentine’s card-ettes all made out for every one of them with a sweet verse for each.  One of these gals, gifted by God with such baking skills as  you would wish to be the sponge that gets to wash off her baking utensils, was going to be bringing a special treat. Another, leading us with her fresh perspective and gentle encouragement. Yet another, bringing sweet Valentine’s crafted with such love that you could practically feel her heart beating within it as you held it in your hands.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

Proverbs 19:21

But instead?  Instead, I’m sitting on the couch snuggled up next to a snot-nosed, very literally, mini-me.  She uses my sleeve as her human Kleenex.  She keeps moaning that “my nose doesn’t feel good mama.”. And yet, she begs to go to preschool so she can hand out all 14 of her Valentine’s Day cards. Cards that she laboriously, over the course of 4 days, signed her name to. And every so often, she’ll ask for a  slobber-mixed-with-snot, germ-delivering, cold-laden, kiss.

What I want to be doing and what I planned to be doing was not to be.  Sigh…

So, I hop onto Facebook to see what others are up to on this fine Valentine’s Day. And I see this:

Love is

And my half-pint Valentine perks up and says, “Oooh, Mama, the words are so pretty!”

Oh, little one, they are.  They are pretty to look at, they are pretty when they are in action, and they are pretty, especially when strung up as a mantra inside the walls of your heart.

So, I read them out loud to her.  And to myself.  And I return her slobbery kiss with one of my own.

And I am reminded that God’s plans are always best.

Even when they’re laden with germs.

Yes indeedy!