Reindeer in July?

As it turns out, yes and no.  Clear as mud?  Let me untangle the yes from the no.  Captain Ahab is a Fisherman.  Shocking, I know.  He is also a hunter. The house I grew up in is filled with the remnants of his glory days hunting rascally wabbits.  Or deer.  Or Antelope.  Or Marlin.  Or Wahoo.  Oh boy – this list could go on and on. Sadly…

Anywho, we landed today in the state of my formative years. And just to be clear, my hair is already fully cooperating in Operation Frizz Out.

I needed Sweetman for something or other, so I asked Sweetgirl if she’d seen her daddy lately.  Here’s what she said:

Sweetgirl: “Daddy is over there. In the reindeer room.”

And here’s what she meant:  (If you are squeamish about taxidermy of any sort, please avert your eyes.)

The Official Reindeer Room

There are no reindeer in this room.  It is, however, filled with plenty of other animals. That, to a four-year old, look very much like reindeer.  So, yes and no.

More thrilling pictures to come.  Yes, indeedy!  Hopefully, more entertaining than a Reindeer Room.