Five Minute Friday: Welcome


I’m linking up with Lisa Jo Baker over at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday again.  Today’s prompt is a welcome one.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)  Read on to find out why. (If you’d like to join in, click right here.)






Front doors are a universal sign of welcome that herald different feelings for each us.  For me, it depends on whose front door I am entering.  A new friend?  I’m a wee bit nervous that the state of her home will prove how very un-Martha-Stewart I really am.  A new organization?  I wonder if I will fit in with this group of peeps.  An old friend’s first house?  I’m bursting with excitement for them!


It doesn’t matter what I’m feeling, the front door is almost always a sign of welcome.  I look at the cover of my trusty Bible much the same way.  It’s a “welcome” to me.  It’s a powerful invitation to come in, sit down, stay a while.  As soon as I turn back that cover, I am headed into a part of This House that is sure to either delight, inspire, encourage, challenge, or convict me.  Much the way walking through the doors of a physical place can.


I can dress up my Bible’s front door all I want – with beautiful artwork, leather binding, an engraved name- but if I don’t ever crack open that cover and see what’s inside? Well, it’s a bit like standing at the front door of someone’s home and not ever seeing all that’s behind the door.  All that whatever is behind the front door can possibly entail.


That’s a welcome I can answer to any time.