The Wonder of Five Minute Friday

It’s the final Five Minute Friday post of 2012.  My word! That sounds so official.  If you’d like to join in, click this little button below.  The more the merrier, I say!  (And the more cups of coffee I get to enjoy while reading all of the other pieces of writing.  I win!)




There are some things that I never wonder about.  My standing in my Father’s eyes, for one.  My willingness to do whatever is necessary for my own children’s well-being. (Even if that does involve trying their ice cream before they do to make sure it “tastes right”.) Sometimes I do wonder about their flavor choices, but I remind myself that it takes all kinds.

I never wonder if the sun will rise.  But I do wonder some nights why it takes so interminably long to set. (Early bedtimes, anyone?)

Wonder never enters the equation when I enter the doors of my Bible Study group and see their compassionate and loving smiles. I do, however, wonder how a few of them get their hair to look that perfect each and every Thursday?

Elements of wonder such as curiosity and joy and contemplation all enter my mind as I ponder the bread broken for me.  The blood spilled out for me.  But I never wonder if He meant to do it for me.  I know He did.  I do wonder why.  There are days that I just pray this:

I know how I can be.  But, then again, so does Jesus.  And He loves me anyway.  Thank you God!

And that’s where wonder leaves me, when it finally does.  That place of knowing and yet still enjoying a little bit of the miraculous.  Because the fact that I am loved. Despite… Wonderful! Yes indeed.